c h o o s e  a v e r y ?



BOO THANG hiking in the Grand Canyon, taking a helicopter ride (this one is my favorite), renting a boat to a private island, scuba diving with sharks, getting married in Mexico! Does any of this light up a fire inside of you!? OOOOOOH girl! ME TOO! THESE are the magical moments I get to capture on a regular basis. I am an adventure fanatic and have a raging passion for travel and photography. If this resonated with you, I NEED TO BE YOUR FRIEND and you might just need a photographer SO...

You are with your


Let me tell you what your are NOT investing in...

A vogue-ish photoshoot mastering the perfect jaw-line

A dull, quiet photographer who sits behind the scenes without being noticed.

JUST a photographer

JUST a photoshoot

JUST some photos

I am sorry but this is not Vogue with the perfect angles and the perfect jaw line. Hellz yeah I am gonna make you LOOK GOOD but I am going to do it by bringing out the YOU from inside. Yes, I will be bossy and tell you EXACTLY what to do but the session will be full of personality, full of life and above all, LAUGHTERY'all, we will be laughing because we all know it is awkward to get our pictures taken but we will also be giggling because your honey makes a lame joke or farts out of nowhere. We will be laughing because you had JUST ENOUGH WINE before the session. Yeah yeah, I am a professional PHOTOGRAPHER but my biggest accomplishments are bringing out YOUR love story and RAW emotions. This is real life and trust me, you will be looking back on these pictures in 20-30-50 years and REMEMBER this season. YOU READY?! 





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I make custom quotes for each of my clients! Since I travel so often, it wouldn't be fare to charge one price considering different traveling fees! Go ahead and fill out an inquiry form and I will get RIGHT back to you with your own quote!!

"    She has our full confidence:

Creative, Energetic, Kind, professional.

Our photoshoot flew by while exchanging stories, telling anecdotes, posing for great pics. High quality professional photographs but even higher quality of personality and I have only one word for the photos: AMAZING!!!!"

Sindija and Vito