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I remember picking up a camera for the first time

and feeling the excitement of capturing a moment that I wanted to preserve forever. I could feel the passion but I was no professional! I didn’t understand composition, manual mode, posing, EDITING,
oh gosh, the editing was so bad.

Everything took me hours and hours because I hadn’t learned how to streamline ANYTHING. I felt intimidated by the long list of “to-do’s” to get a business up and running, but the one thing that helped me was when someone came alongside me and mentored me along the way. I didn’t feel so lonely or intimidated anymore. I specifically remember purchasing multiple online courses that lead the way for my business to become what it is today. As creative business owners, we are expected to figure out EVERYTHING from the actual creative work to the not so natural accounting, legalities, outsourcing, marketing strategies, administration and so many more unexpected daily tasks.

If you are just starting out as a photographer or have been running your business for years and need a little help.. THIS page is for YOU so slip your house shoes on and let's get to work!!

Let's get you to a place where you are comfortable and thriving as a solo-preneur

where you have the time and energy to make money, have creative freedom, AND enjoy your life doing it! 

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Here's what I offer!

Let's figure out what you need..


Virtual Coaching Call: Where you get uninterrupted, 1-1 time with me and we dig deep into creative business strategies launching you closer to reaching your goals! This is for ALL creative entrepreneurs, not just photographers. We can chat marketing, outsourcing, mastering your style... no question is off limits!

1 hour: $220 

2 hours: $320


In-Person Coaching Session: Similar to the coaching call except BETTER! We get to meet in person and really dive deeper into YOUR strategies as a business owner, working through your entire workflow and client experience. We can even sit side-by-side and talk through editing! 

1 hour: $250 

2 hours: $350


*Photoshoot Coaching Exclusive: This is the real bread and butter add-on! If you are not feeling confident in coaching your clients through effortless posing and making them feel comfortable, let's shoot TOGETHER! This is a 1-2 hr session with a REAL couple where I teach you by shooting side-by-side!

1-2 hours: $425

*Add #3 onto your In-Person Coaching Session and receive a $100 discount!


What other biz owners have to say...

"As I was starting out, it was SO refreshing to have someone like Avery who was just an open book! I was mind blown about how she was giving me advice on things I didn't even know I needed advice about. She's so down to earth about everything so I never feel awkward about asking her questions!" - Courtney Kris, Photographer

Have you heard of Honeybook?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and using 5 different systems to juggle contracts, invoicing, emailing, random client pdf's and you don't have automated questionnaires or systems that work FOR you.. click the link below ASAP cuz my discount code can let you try it for 6 months for $1/month!!

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Apply Here! - Only 2 spots available for August

If you made it this far,

I KNOW you are just itching to see GROWTH in your business, which means we must be kindred spirits. I've got something that can help you RIGHT NOW...

Grab my FREE Contact Form Guide to Converting the Right Inquiries into Paid Clients!

You will learn the top eight questions I ask on a contact form to land the right clients and let me tell ya, 7 + 8 are going to surprise you!

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