Chemnitz, Germany Outdoor Summer Wedding

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Reinhold + Jumee met at church after Jumee moved to Germany to attend school. Jumee is Korean-American and Reinhold is German. The day was perfect. The rain held off. The flower girls giggled all day and the set-up team worked wonders.

To see these two families come together on August 10, 2019 was seriously a gift and made for the most diverse and beautiful ceremony. From singing worship songs in English, to hearing a blessing in Korean, and a handwritten poem in German, God was praised and cultures came together to celebrate.

After the wedding and right before the reception began, Reinhold + Jumee and their parents changed into traditional Korean clothing and had a small Korean ceremony called pyebaek. This is where the parents get to bless the newlywed couple, and there is an entertaining round of “catch the chestnuts” to predict how many daughters and sons the couple will have! I believe they caught 12 so they are going to have their hands full one day ;)

They had family and friends travel from around the world to party it up and the night ended with some of their friends from Africa dancing and blessing the newlyweds.

I loved EVERY minute of this day. My sister and her husband were hired to film the wedding so we got to ride through Germany country by train together and work side-by-side.

Reinhold + Jumee, you guys are truly amazing and your love for each other is so beautiful. THANK YOU for bringing me all the way across the world so that I could be a part of your BEST.DAY.EVER! You were so sweet and accommodating towards us and made us feel so welcomed. Cheers and CONGRATULATIONS to the beginning of forever with your honey!!



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