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Downtown Atlanta Wedding

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Grace is one of my very oldest friends and we go wayyy back to children's church singing bible verses! When she reached out to me to shoot her wedding, I was GIDDY! I have one word to describe the weekend in Atlanta celebrating Grace + Zack.. F U N!

Although I did not meet Zack until the night of the rehearsal dinner, we bonded quickly over the fact that his Bruno Mars dance moves were going to be busting their way onto the dance floor the following evening. As I sat at the rehearsal dinner listening to toasts, person after person after person stepped up to the mic and poured out their love and affection for Grace + Zack as they have so obviously done to everyone around them.

And I just have to say... I sat with TWO OTHER AVERY'S which was SO COOL and probably will never happen again hah!


My best friend Hannah and I made the trek down to Atlanta on Friday and arrived at the most beautiful (HUGE and YELLOW) Historic Airbnb where we got to stay with three other girls working with or in the wedding , and lemme tell ya, we had a BLAST! This was the house that the entire bridal party was getting ready at and the guys were getting ready at an Airbnb just down the road. This is the way to do it if you ask me! The whole wedding party were troopers and we had so much fun throughout the day even as the schedule shifted at times AND when a train passed right behind us as we were taking group pictures (Can't say that has ever happened before but it really tested my vocal cords!).

The ceremony took place at the beautiful JF Brick Studios tucked into the city of Atlanta with beautiful lights strung across the ceiling and a GREAT dance floor!!! The entire day just felt sweet and meaningful and to witness all these people coming together to celebrate Grace + Zack's commitment was truly an honor and inspiration.

Grace + Zack, you two are a JOY and the people you have surrounded yourself with are such a testament to who you are, how you love, and how FUN you are!! CHEERS!!!



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Aleksandra Hodges
Aleksandra Hodges
Mar 29, 2019

OH. MY. GOODNESS. AVERY you are magical! These are incredible!!! You captured the joy and love so perfectly. And helped make it so FUN! thank you thank you. these are so awesome- I'll treasure these memories forever!!!





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