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How to Create CUTE Insta Stories : The 5-App Guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

A question I get on the DAILY is how I make my instagram stories! So, I wanted to share the 5 apps I use regularly to curate my stories so they are fun, engaging, and stick with my brand!

Each app serves a specific and important purpose in the process and yea, sometimes it takes a heck of a lot of time creating insta stories. We will start with creating the content, editing it, and then putting it into the template.


This feature is actually inside of the VSCO app. It is a fun way to create 3 second video clips similar to a gif with great color edits. They look AMAZING on instagram stories. Every clip in this example video was made with DSCO!

(If you are having trouble finding the DSCO button, click here for help.)

2. InShot

OKAY. Let's say you want to put together a bunch of videos into one. This app is by FAR my favorite app for creating short + fun videos that share a glimpse of my day, an event, or a trip. Evelyn Grace told me about this one and it is a GOLD MINE. It has built in transitions that rock your socks and it SUPER user friendly when it comes to cutting down videos, adjusting the speed, and changing the order that the videos play in. You can also add music from this app by downloading your own music or using the ones that are already built in. I personally like to add my DSCO's in the mix of videos too!! Here is an example of a video I made from a fun day with my bestie that I mashed into one! ↓↓


COLORING! I have loved experimenting with this app. Not only can you edit your pictures with lots of fun "presets," but you can also add them to VIDEOS! So, after I create my video in InShot, I will usually bring that video to this app to add some fun color to match my brand (Step 2 and 3 can be switched but it takes a lot longer to edit each individual video before mashing it together in InShot. Trust me. I learned the hard way).

4. Canva Stories

Oooooh girl you know we all love a good Canva template. Well, they made an app just for insta story templates!! And there are plenty of FREE ones that are irresistible along with doodles and fun designs that you can add to personalize each template. Just add your own words and images!

5. UnFold

Last but certainly NOT least. This is the app that I rely on every. single. day. It was created specifically for instagram stories and offers a TON of beautiful and creative templates that are super easy to use. It is so insta friendly that it even has a button taking you straight from UnFold into Instagram to post the story that you JUST created. You can add writing in fun fonts and even add your videos to give them some extra pizzazzzzz. This app is clean cut and pretty professional.

Now, I better be seeing some kick-butt insta stories out there!! Just remember, BE YOU and allow yourself to create fun (and adorable) memories of the life you are living. Now, go get creating!!!



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