North Carolina Beach Proposal

YOU GUYS! I am over the moon and this photoshoot hits so close to my heart!! I got to be a part of my brother's proposal surprise to Bailey and I truly could not be more excited that they have decided to take this next step!!! WOOHOO IM GETTING ANOTHER SISTER!!

I texted Jordan a few months ago to ask if I could come stay with him in NC with my best friends for the week of spring break and he said "COME ON!" I got a call from him a few weeks later and he dropped the bomb. "So, I obviously want to marry Bailey and I want you to help when you are here!" Instantly the planning begun and we SCHEMED and pulled off such a fun surprise.

A few days before I arrived in Jacksonville, North Carolina I face-timed Jordan and Bailey and told them that I wanted to do a photoshoot on the beach just for fun. Bailey was under the impression that it was just for my blog (hehe) so we got to the beach one day and I began instructing their poses.... WATCH FOR YOURSELVES!!


BAILEY! I love you so much and just can't wait until you join the AmFam!! You fit right in and are PERFECT for Jodo!!

CHEERS to you two! LET'S PARTY!!



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