Overton Park, Summer Engagement Session

SHE SLID INTO THE DM'S! Remember that?! Oh you don't?! Click HERE after you scroll through this post because this ain't the first time these two have shown up on my blog and it sure as heck won't be the last!! Bri + Peter are the most kind and beautiful humans. They met in college and are getting married in July!

When I realized that we were both going to be in Memphis at the same time, we knew we HAD to meet up and do an engagement session. Bri reminded me that last time they were in front of my camera, they were just freshly dating and it was only a TAD awkward haha but from the looks of the pictures, you can tell they were meant to be together.

Our session in Memphis was SO much fun and I just CAN'T

WAIT for their wedding in just a few short WEEKS! ↓↓



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