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What Camera Should I Buy to Start My Photography Business?

Starting a photography business can be SO exciting, but with so many options available it’s hard to know what camera to buy. This post will help guide you through the various choices to help you find the best camera for you and your brand new business.

If You are Not Ready to Buy Your Own Camera

There are two ways to go about this. If you very little money to put into buying a camera, here are a few ideas for you. I would recommend either renting a camera or borrowing one from a friend for a while. Renting is such a great option and people often forget about it. Look up camera rentals in your area or order from Lens Rentals which quickly ships all types of products (Use this referral discount code to order : ) for a reasonable price!

If you know a friend or family member who has a DSLR camera, ask them if you can borrow it and make sure to tell them it is because you are wanting to start a photography business! When you let people in on the process, they are way more likely to want to help out and lend a hand (or a camera haha).

A Look at Entry-Mid-Level Cameras

If you are ready to invest in a camera, here are a few of the best options for you. I don't want you to stress too hard about which brand you go with. They are all good and no matter which camera you decide on, it's like learning to ride a bike; it feels weird at first but you'll get used to the buttons and it will become second nature to you. The most important factors are that you get a "full-frame" camera and that it's not old as dinosaurs. Pretty simple! "Full-frame" means that the sensor for light inside of your camera is a wide as it possibly can be and it gathers the most amount of information in your images. Why is this important? "Full-frame" cameras are highly versatile in different lighting situations, where as a "crop-sensor" might fail you. The bigger your sensor in the camera, the more light can be transferred it in low-light situations. It also allows for much easier editing when you either underexpose or overexpose an image because of the depth of information gathered on the sensor. It's all a little bit confusing but just know that in order to produce professional images, you need to be using a "full-frame" camera.

*One more thing to note is that the world is advancing to mirrorless cameras. They are fairly new to some brands and most people still use regular DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, but I would highly recommend looking into mirrorless since our world is headed into a much more digital space and these cameras have incredible features for working more efficiently.

Here are a few options for your first camera.

Sony A7II : Sony is leading the industry in mirrorless, having been one of the first ones in the game. They also have the cheapest prices for an industry leading camera as well as cheaper lens options. If you are wanting to be a wedding photographer, I know that the majority of trends lead towards Canon or Nikon, but don't skip over considering Sony! I personally shoot with a Sony A7III and it is lightweight, affordable and an incredibly smart camera. I would recommend buying this camera at Amazon or Best Buy.

Canon EOS RP: This camera is an entry level Canon, however if you want the bells and whistles, try to find a second-hand Canon EOS 6D Mark II or Canon R5/R6. Canon came out with a new mirrorless option in the last few years and I have heard great things about it. If you choose to go Canon, expect to pay much higher prices on the camera body and especially on the lenses.

Nikon Z5: The Z5 is a newer mirrorless option and a cheaper Nikon camera. I began my photographer journey with a Nikon D750, which is also the second best option for starting your photography business. Nikon cameras and lenses are going to be slightly cheaper than Canon overall.

Smart Strategies for Shopping

Check prices from several different places. A safe bet is always Amazon or Best Buy. Best Buy matches prices so if you find a cheaper price than what they are offering, just show them the product you are wanting and they will match it. Avoid buying "refurbished' cameras on Ebay because you never know if it was once broken or how much life the camera has left in it. Another great option is to find a local photographers facebook group because often while photographers are upgrading their gear, they are selling a whole bunch of their old gear at a much lower price and you can trust them over someone on Ebay.

When it comes to starting your photography business, the camera you choose to invest in does not make as big of a difference as what you do with it and how you push yourself to practice with it. Once you've got your full-frame, get out and practice as much as possible, asking friends and family to model for you, finding poses on pinterest and investing in education to get the business up and off the ground!

If you need more personalized advice for choosing the right camera for you, feel free to leave a comment with your questions and I’ll be happy to help!



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